Letter – Better Canadian than American

If you noticed a little burning sensation down where you would put Preparation H, there is a reason for that. It’s not piles, it’s smoke.
It took some time for things to fall into place but I got it!
Those people who blocked the Ambassador Bridge are just plain gas lighting us. One young fellow was ranting that “we” don’t have any freedom here. He pointed across the bridge and said that was where freedom was.
Well, if that is the kind of freedom you want, go! The minimum wage is under $8/hour in many places. No health care and if you do have insurance there are loopholes you could drive those semis through. One woman needed an emergency surgery. She called around and found a doctor and a hospital that was in her insurance company’s network. Afterwards she got a bill for several thousand dollars. They had used a ventilator on her that didn’t belong to that network.
Then there is the fact that several, if not more, states have enacted laws that make it legal to run over protestors.
This is possibly one of the reasons why they chose Canada as the place to get started because they knew our government was protest friendly. In the US, they run over protestors routinely. They were breaking into buildings and grabbing people off the street.
The first day or two one ass walked up to a Parliament door and knocked, declaring he wanted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to come out and talk to him. Then he called him a coward because he wouldn’t come out. He could have chosen a day when Parliament was open, then he could have understood that Trudeau’s son had COVID and he tested positive, too. They want to talk tough and humiliate everyone around them. Some were demanding the government resign.
The first Saturday there were many kinds of American flags which gave me pause to wonder how many Americans were in the crowd. A few, maybe half, most? Stop and consider it.
Then there is the money being raised by American bigwigs like Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas. He is one of those rightwing freakzoids who are always dying for a fight, if he can find someone else to do his fighting for him.
Then one of the organizers who was spouting off about “white replacement theory”. How all the brown people are going to replace us.
Sorry guy, it’s too late! They won that one! Nations with a billion or more people are brown. Then when you add in the brown people living in “white” countries it is done.
Has anyone taken a walk downtown lately? A few more years of mixed marrying and the only blue-eyed blonds you will see will be throwbacks. But I digress.
These guys are trying to transform themselves into a worker’s movement but they are speaking the language differently. When they talk about “right to work” it is actually union busting and states where they have enacted these laws, wages do drop.
This is one time when we should put all the bad eggs in one basket and then drop the basket.
We have put a lot of time and effort into making Canada the country it is. It’s not perfect but we could do worse. For all you libertarians, you need to think before you pull us out. Those guys don’t do anything unless there is something in it for them. Gutting our independence to gain trade advantages is what will happen.
I am tired of those idiots screaming each time they turn around. They have never really been inconvenienced before so to them it is horrible. But is it really? We have had some heavy-handed policies but there is a reason. When I was a little kid a guy came out and tested all our cattle and when the results came back dad had to ship my favourite cow – Annabelle- she tested positive for Bangs disease. Then there are the men who have been dragged off to fight fire over the past decades. Somehow, wearing a mask is minor compared to having to ship a bunch of cattle, or shut the mill down because the last time half the crew was seen they were waiting for forestry’s business.
The screeching of that stupid woman telling men to get down on their knees. . .they had better. They will need all the practice they can get.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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