Letter – Albertans left out in carbon tax ‘pause’

Albertans have always known that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is not worth the cost, and now he is finally acknowledging it himself.

Recently, (Trudeau) announced a three-year “pause” on the carbon tax, but only for home heating oil primarily used in Atlantic provinces.

Why are the Liberal announcing these gimmicks relevant to only one part of Canada? Well, with their plummeting polls out east, the Liberals are in full panic mode. This is a convenient political move and far from what is best for Canadians.

When asked why the majority of Canadians are left out on Trudeau’s carbon tax pause, the Minister of Rural Economic Development’s response (Gudie Hutching) was telling: “Perhaps they need to elect more Liberals on the Prairies.”

The Liberals are focused on regions that can get them re-elected instead of those that need help the most.

In response, on Nov. 2, Conservatives tabled a simple, common-sense motion in the House of Commons calling on the Liberal government to extend the carbon tax pause to all forms of home heating. We want to take the tax off so Canadians can keep their heat on.

The Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilly said it well when he wrote, “Trudeau either votes to expand carbon tax break to all or he has to explain why some voters matter more than others.”

Did the two Alberta Liberal MPs at least stand up for their voters in Alberta? No!

Alberta Liberal MPs Randy Boissonnault and George Chahal voted to defeat our motion. As a result, Trudeau’s tax will continue to go up every year, increasing the pain felt by families from coast to coast to coast. Enough is enough!

The Common-Sense Conservative promise is simple. No gimmicks. No temporary measures. We will axe the inflationary carbon tax for good and bring home lower prices.

Arnold Viersen, MP,
Peace River – Westlock.

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