Letter – A suggestion. . .and a bouquet!

To: Big Lakes County councillors:
I was talking with firefighters and found out that the County does not have drive over hose protectors for firefighter trucks.
I think this should be standard equipment in these trucks as fires do not always happen on the same side of the street as fire hydrants. You can get these in a variety of different widths and made out of hard plastic or aluminum.
I think this is much-needed equipment in all fire halls and would greatly aid in reducing damage to fire hoses, less for firefighters having to worry about with traffic, and safer for traffic that might have to pass through the scene.
I would like the County’s input on this, and I have attached a picture of an example of these ramps I am talking about. This design would have the hose underneath the ramp.
I would just like to thank you for the good job on sweeping the streets in Enilda that was much-needed. The streets are cleaner than last year, and the first rain will take the dust away.
Thank you again for this much-needed sweeping.

Eric Corbiere,
Enilda, AB

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