Letter – A path not to be taken lightly

How conservative is too conservative is something we must think about as the world seems intent on sliding into full blown fascist authoritarian chaos. People go around frothing at the mouth over what the “ship disturbers” have chosen as a trigger issue without bothering to check into what is going on behind the curtains.
I was probably a little more conservative than not. The trouble is that today I seem to be a flaming communist without ever having changed my political views. “Dief the Chief” [former prime minister John Diefenbaker] made an impression. Politically speaking, he could sleep on either side of the bed and today they are just conservatives. The last speech I saw him give he said, “The spirit of liberty is the one that not too sure it is right”.
We are losing that understanding.
Part of the problem is many of the policies the public wanted were achieved so the two main parties are left fighting over a middle ground that neither can offer much too. What is left is squarely in the NDPs camp. Pharmacare, [dental and vision care].
For me, the progress made in women and minority rights is at risk. The United States is doing its best to eliminate abortion completely, including for ectopic pregnancy. That is where the egg implants some place other than the uterus. Sadly, the fetus is not viable and if the fallopian tube ruptures the woman can bleed out and die.
One state is trying to say human life begins on the first day of the woman’s last period. They’re sending women to prison for manslaughter if they have a miscarriage. Most of them are minorities.
For the record, 20 per cent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.
They do not even want to permit abortion for rape no matter how young the mother. None of these rabid anti-abortionists seem to care these children are raped or what they should do about the rapists. They are talking about banning birth control as well.
Community property is another area that women have to defend. In the 1960s an Alberta ranch wife was beat up bad enough to be put in hospital. When she came home all the locks had been changed and she had been turfed. Never mind that the home quarter was hers as a wedding present from her father. She went to court and explained not only that but the fact that she had worked alongside her husband running the ranch for 20 years and when he went to the bush for the winter she looked after the whole place on her own. The judge told her she shouldn’t expect to be paid for what every other ranch wife did.
I knew a lot of women who looked after the entire ranch when their men when to work in the bush for the winter. Do that for 20 or 30 years and get turfed with nothing? I don’t think so.
Then there are the men these days who convince a woman to move in with them, then keep an eye on the calendar and find ways to break up with them before the community property kicks in. Then they have the nerve to accuse the woman of “being in it for the money” when that was the last thing on the poor woman’s mind.
If you are so concerned about stuff keep you pants on and hire a housekeeper.
The LGBTQ people also have a lot to worry about. Several states are banning gender affirming care for the kids. The suicide rate for these people is staggeringly high and one report stated that as many as 50 per cent are attempting it. The state of misery these poor kids exist in is horrific. As far as homosexuality goes, I don’t judge. Legislation to mandate discrimination should be shot down the moment it shows up.
There are more examples I could talk about but don’t have the room. Arch conservatism may sound easy because the rules are so well defined and there are so many of them. However, women and minorities have to look very closely into the policies these guys are endorsing and even if they can be counted on to keep their word if they are ever elected.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said he would not introduce some regressive legislation but he would not stop the caucus from doing it. COVID arrived in time to put it on the back burner. Former federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer pulled the same stunt.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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