Letter – 4 years of NDP not enough

The election run up is officially on!
I got my first text asking if I wanted to volunteer. Then I got a phone call asking me which party leader I would like to be the next governor of Alberta. Spend some time with that!
We have to be very careful. Well, we should have last time too, (with former premier Jason) Kenny. It did not take long for that new car smell to dissipate as some solid conservatives were shaking their heads. “We needed change but not that much, not that fast!”
Considering we had only four years of NDP governance since the dawn of Alberta time, it wasn’t enough – or so it seems. There were those that claimed the corruption was so bad that something had to be done so people held their noses and voted NDP.
But they lost courage too soon. When the winds of change swept in the old-line denizens of the hallowed halls simply battened down the hatches to wait them out.
If real change was wanted, people should not have lost courage so soon.
I also learned from an article by Rick Bell that at one time (Premier Smith) insisted on being termed a libertarian.
Well, this should go well! Libertarians do not care about anything but themselves. They have not time for anything they personally do not use daily. Supporting the community is not a big thing for them. Guys who don’t have kids don’t want to fund schools. Some don’t want their insurance and taxes to go to care for women’s parts, never mind that women’s money goes to attending to their prostates. Another even claimed they would not help fight a fire. They would rather be starved out of the community, one said.
Which brings us to the question of why, with that attitude, she went into politics. Clearly, they haven’t been doing real well with the actual mechanics of government. Overpaying for masks. Dropping millions on children’s medication made by a factory Dr. Oz’s family once owned. Bill One . . .

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie.

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