Letter – Repair on road needed

Big Lakes County councillors:
I was inquiring when we can expect repairs to be completed on the street that leads south over the tracks in Enilda.
The road is crumbling away and becoming impassable for patrons going to the water plant for water. I think this road should be repaired before winter sets in, as it will cause unnecessary damages and repairs needed to plow trucks plotting the streets this winter.
Also, on another subject, I had seen on the east side of Enilda the changed speed limit sign has been installed, and playground signs changed and moved. I thank you for this, however, you have missed a sign for the speed limit on the northwest entrance to Enilda.
And although speed limits have changed, we are still seeing vehicles speeding in excess of up to 80 km/hr down Railway Ave.
Worse, after the sun goes down. This is not only dangerous for motorists, but extremely dangerous for patrons walking down the street.
Is there any more that councillors can do to curb this behaviour, and dangerous driving?

Eric Corbiere,

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