Less than 50% taxable properties

The assessment numbers are in and they continue to show a startling reality for McLennan town council.
Only 46.44 per cent of the value of taxable properties in the town is taxed. Total taxable properties are $40,851,280 while non-taxable properties are $47,123,740. They include:

  • $2,510,920 for Heart River Housing residential;
  • $30,686,750 for Sacred Heart Community Health Centre;
  • $3,798,440 for Providence School;
  • $4,083,480 for churches [Archdiocese is not tax exempt];
  • $6,044,150 for Town-owned properties including the town shop, water plant, vacant lots.
    CAO Lorraine Willier noted the numbers were not much of a change from last year.
    Of the totals, residential properties pay $32,398.370 while non-residential [business and commercial] pays $8,452.910.
    “So residential picks up the bulk [of paying taxes],” said Willier.

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