Handcrafted, genuine leather products created locally, offer unique and useful gift ideas

Elastic suspenders – the camo design is a great hit.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

In a world of mass produced merchandise, the handcrafted item is always prized and as a gift always greatly appreciated.

Handmade products or series of products carry the unique stamp of the people who take pride in their craft and create something that is both attractive and durable.

For the past four years, Joseph Entz, has run a business making such unique items in his workshop at the Homeland Hutterite Colony in Whitemud.

Using a variety of tools and techniques, Entz makes a long list of unique leather products.

Using genuine leather, Entz creates, among other things, cell cases, laser engraved fly swatters, custom made shoes, belts, gun belts, knife sheaths and a signature item, 2 inch elasic suspenders with a clip.

The suspenders come in many designs and patterns that also includes camouflage.

“There are people who look for suspenders with a clip because they have a belly like me, but they can’t find them,” says Entz, recognizing a particular niche market.

The fly swatters can be custom engraved with jokes for instance, people’s names or customized inscriptions. While they have a practical function, the fly swatters are also novelty items that are ideal as Christmas stocking stuffers.

He also sells beanies with small, bright, LED light that are inlaid in the fabric that can also be embroidered with the name of a business or organization. The light is detachable and USB rechargeable.

Once he has taken care of other responsibilities, Entz likes to spend any time available in his workshop, that is fully equipped to tackle just about any leather making project.

“I work the harvest still, but in the winter time after I do my chores, then I’m back in my shop, that is about all I do,” he says.

Considering that many of the things Entz makes are personalized by laser engraving or embroidery, for regular customers or stores to order a number of items makes the process more economical.

“Laser engraving is expensive, it is the set up costs, but once the guy is set up it gets less expensive to make some more,” he says. “People have to remember that to make one, is a lot more expensive than to make ten.”

Jospeh Entz also does a wide variety of customized leather projects for people with specific requests.

He can be reached at 780-837-8944 – *** 8955 or ***8966 – Ext: 715 (shop) or 121 (home) or by email at hlshoeshop@gmail.com

Fly swatters , key rings and pocket knife cases all made with genuine leather and laser engraved.
This is the leather workshop where Joseph Entz spends much of his time working on the many projects he has on the go.
Handmade shoes for men, women and children, all made of genuine leather.
Handmade knife cases to protect your favourite knife.


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