Land use OKed for bitumen battery

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has approved an application to redistrict land south of Peavine Metis Settlement to allow a multi-well bitumen battery.
At its regular meeting Nov. 23, council gave final reading to land-use bylaw 23-2022 to redistrict property Pt. SE (LSD 2) 2-78-16-W5 south of Peavine to rural industrial from agriculture.
Council received an application from Wood- cote Oil & Gas Inc. to redistrict the land owned by Peavine, said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.
The site currently includes eight 1,000-barrel tanks, engines driven by propane and four well heads, she wrote in a report to council.
Neighbouring landowner resident Darrell Jarvis expressed concern about the smell and traffic when he addressed council at the public hearing Oct. 26.
“The company reached out to the landowner to have a meeting,” Olansky said.
Since the public hearing, county administration discussed concerns of odour and traffic with the Alberta Energy Regulator and the developer.
The AER regulates all aspects of energy resources development in Alberta, makes decisions on all applications and therefore, enforces the rules and holds companies accountable at every stage of development, Olansky said.
The AER also provides opportunities for the public to participate in decision making.
An application for a development permit for a well site pad has been received.
Regarding the odour concerns expressed by Jarvis, “it is not know for certain” which of Woodcote’s industrial processes or storage is the origin of the odour, Olansky told council.
“It is apparent that complaints should be filed either with Woodcote or with the Alberta Energy Regulator so that it may be investigated and hopefully resolved.”
Woodcote provided provided copies of its facility licence and primary recovery approval from the AER dated Sept. 8, 2021 and Aug. 13, 2021.
When asked about the additional tanker traffic and the odour from the site, Woodcote provided the following response:
The AER visited the site June 21, 2022 and did not note any offsite odours.
There have been complaints in the field when the truck haulers are loading.
“Therefore, we have enforced them to use the scrubbers on the tank trucks to mitigate these odours,” Woodcote writes in a report.
The 2-2 Pad hauls about three load of fuel a day.
“Activity has significantly decreased in the area now that we have all the wells drilled in the spacing.” states Wood- cote.

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