Lakeside’s Sheldon raises 4-H Grand Champion Steer

Summer Mason [standing] with her cow and calf pair, which won her Supreme Female at the East Peace Inter-Club 4-H Achievement Day. Mason is with the Kinuso Lakeside 4-H Club.

Pearl Lorentzen
For South Peace News

Lace Sheldon raised the Grand Champion Steer at the East Peace Inter-Club 4-H Achievement Day June 4 at Spruce Point Park west of Kinuso.
Two 4-H clubs took part including Kinuso Lakeside 4-H Club and Mirror Landing 4-H Club, from Smith.
Over the year which began last fall, club members raised a steer, heifer, or cow-calf pair. The majority of cattle were steers. At the competition, the cattle were judged in various categories such things as weight, back length, hooves, and overall health.
The day started off with club competitions. In the Kinuso club, Sheldon raised the Grand Champion while Mackenzie Plante raised the Reserve Champion. Mirror Landing winners were as follows: Emilie Andruik raised the Grand Champion while Kaitlyn Dennis raised the Reserve Champion.
In the inter-club competition, Sheldon won the Grand Champion while Andruik won Reserve Grand Champion.
In other categories, Summer Mason, with Kinuso Lakeside, raised both a heifer and a cow-calf pair. Her cow and calf pair were selected Supreme Female, which is the equivalent of Grand Champion for steers. Her heifer was also selected Grand Champion Heifer and Reserve Supreme Female.
Issac Pendrak, also with Kinuso Lakeside, raised the Reserve Grand Champion heifer.
While raising their cattle, 4-H members keep a record book, which includes recording the weight gain [called rate of gain] of their animal. Both medals in this competition went to Kinuso Lakeside. Sheldon was first with 3.33 lbs/day while Plante placed second with 2.87 lbs/day.

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