Nursing Home Ladies Auxiliary Springtime Strawberry Tea at Manoir du Lac

Manoir du Lac residents along with family and friends enjoy the Nursing Home Ladies Auxiliary “Springtime Strawberry Tea,” fundraiser event on May 7.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
The annual Springtime Strawberry Tea fundraiser put on by the Nursing Home Ladies Auxiliary (NHLA) of Manoir du Lac was held from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday May 7.

Approximately 80 people attended the event, which raised just over $1,300. All aspects of the event contributed substantially to the overall success: door money, raffle and bake sale.

There were also a number of door prizes and a 50/50 draw won on this occasion by Irene Brassard who donated her winnings back to the Ladies Auxiliary.

The money raised through the NHLA provides a number of services for the residents, equipment for the Manoir and funds to provide gifts on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays and other occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

The NHLA also sponsors bingo every second and fourth Thursday and on the fifth Thursday if there are five in the month.

The Golden Age Club and Royal Purple sponsor bingo on the first and third Thursdays respectively. The NHLA also provides the Manoir du Lac recreation coordinator with $300 to ensure she has resources to cover incidentals over the summer.

The NHLA purchases equipment for Manoir du Lac accordingly as the need arises and is currently in the process of providing materials so the Manoir can do its own IVs at the nursing home.

This is a project that was posponed last year due to retirement and a change in management but is still a priority.

Last year the Auxiliary installed a pop and snack combo machine at the Manoir and were given space in Cargill cafeteria to install another machine which now provide the NHLA with some revenue.

Family members of Manoir du Lac residents, members of the NHLA and staff provided items for the Spring Strawberry Tea bake sale.

Local businesses, IDA, Lakeview Foods, Home Hardware, Don’s Country Machining and Delany Dubrule and Irene Chenard donated items for the raffle.

Door prize winners were Lucille Lapointe, Angela Gauthier, Rachael Gauthier, Alice MacMillan, Vivian Laliberte and Irene Brassard.

Raffle winners were Annette Bourassa, Susan McLeod, Valery Gauthier, Clair Tonguay, Irene Brassard, Leona Dubrule, Leona Ouellette and her friend Gerry.

Pat Penner who is a member of the NHLA would like to encourage young women in the community to join the Ladies Auxiliary.

“We are getting on in age and we could do with some nice, fresh faces in our group,” says Penner.
“We only meet once a month for a couple of hours in the afternoon so it’s not a huge commitment of time.”

If anyone is interested in inquiring about joining the Nursing Home Ladies Auxiliary they can call Pat Penner at 780-324-3746.

Manoir du Lac residents along with family and friends enjoy the Nursing Home Ladies Auxiliary “Springtime Strawberry Tea,” fundraiser event on May 7.

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