Keyboard Commando – Great! Trump gets down to business, giving his nod to Keystone XL

Mac Olsen
Despite all the rhetoric and protesting that took place during his first week in the Oval Office, kudos to U.S. President Donald Trump for advancing Alberta’s petroleum interests.

On January 24, Trump signed an executive order to re-start the Keystone XL approval process, although it’s far from a done deal. He wants to renegotiate the terms of the deal as part of his master plan to put American jobs and energy requirements first.

That’s fine with me, so long as it’s understood that, on the Canadian side of the border, our petroleum industry benefits from job creation and material processing for the project. Also, we get some value-added refining from our oil prior to shipping it to the U.S.

Still, the best thing I can say is, it’s about time! Especially now that Barack Obama is gone. To him I say, boo! You unjustly denied approval for Keystone XL in 2015.

It was certainly a surprise when I heard that Trump was giving his nod to Keystone XL. And also to my surprise, Premier Rachel Notley and is pleased with Trump’s decision.

“The U.S. is an extremely valuable customer of ours. Any step that allows us to better support the needs of one of our largest customers is good news,” says the premier.

“This project is going to create good jobs here in Alberta – and that’s my focus. Support our workers, create good jobs and diversify our economy. More energy workers at our rural hotels is a good thing. More equipment out in the field is a good thing. Busier restaurants and hardware stores across Alberta are all good things.”

She made her remarks during a press conference on January 24. Check the story in this week’s Spotlight for details.

The premier also says touted the importance of getting Alberta’s oil to Canadian tidewaters, which is where the approved Kinder Morgan pipeline to the B.C. coast comes into play, as well the Energy East pipeline.

The premier also highlighted her government’s Climate Leadership Plan as part of the balance in creating jobs and sustainable energy development while preserving the environment.

Her endorsement of Keystone XL, Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines is all very well. But I still criticize her for not lobbying for the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would also have ensured that Alberta’s oil gets Canadian to tidewaters, via Prince Rupert, B.C.

And her Climate Leadership Plan is a fallacy and the carbon tax that was imposed on January 1 is nothing more than another tax grab.

The very notion of “climate change” is very suspect to me. Left-wing and environmentalist groups can show their “evidence” and I can produce counter-arguments and facts against them.

So I want her “plan” and the carbon tax scrapped entirely.

The federal government also gave its endorsement of re-starting Keystone XL, during their retreat in Calgary on January 24.

“This decision will result in many, many jobs for Albertans and it’s also a sign that there is a recognition by the new American administration that Canada can be a source of economic development and of job creation on both sides of the border,” says Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.

What I find ironic is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, aka Pretty Boy, decided to backtrack on comments he made about Alberta’s oil sands.
During a town hall meeting in Peterborough, Ontario earlier in the month, he said they have to be “phased out.” But during the ‘retreat’ in Calgary, Pretty Boy said that he misspoke about the oil sands, that he shouldn’t have made his remarks.

Well, I see it as a pattern for him to make such remarks. He did the same thing with his praise of Fidel Castro following his death. So, no brownie points for you, Pretty Boy.

Still, thank you Mr. Trump for your endorsement of Keystone XL. So let’s get to work.

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