Keyboard Commando – Hey, Pretty Boy! Spend that $2.65 billion on jobs in Canada

Mac Olsen
There’s no end to the tax-and-spend agenda of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, aka Pretty Boy.

Now he’s using our tax dollars for so-called “climate change” programs around the world, including $14 million in Chile and Mexico.

Canada News Wire had a news release on Nov. 14, about the international meeting taking place in Marrakech, Morocco.

It was there that Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced that “Canada will contribute $14 million to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), like methane, through partnerships with Mexico and Chile. This collaborative work will create a cleaner environment for everyone, from Mexicans and Chileans, to Canadians and their families, who share this global environment.”

This news release also says this investment will help countries adopt clean technologies and employ Canadian expertise to reduce methane emissions. Also, it’s part of the federal government’s $2.65 billion commitment to help countries and communities reduce pollution.

Excuse, me. But what right does the federal government have to give away my hard-earned tax dollars to other countries?

Setting aside the issue that “climate change” is the biggest fraud that left-wing governments have pushed on this country and throughout the world, that $2.65 billion should be spent right here in Canada, to create jobs exclusively for Canadians. The federal government has no right to give it to other countries, when we need to create jobs right here in this country, especially in the petroleum industry, which has been in a state of prolonged suffering due to the oil price collapse.

If countries like Chile and Mexico want the Canadian technology that is developed to reduce pollution – and I don’t call it “climate change” – then they can buy it from us. Or they can develop the technology within their own countries, using their private sector and financial resources to do so.

It is not up to Canada – meaning taxpayers – to subsidize their pollution reduction strategies. If anything, use that $2.65 billion right here in Canada and put Canadians to work. Or better still, eliminate this government program outright, and give the money back. Let the private sector develop it – in Canada. That’s where the payoff is, to increase our technology leadership and investment for Canadians and Canadian jobs.

I am not cold-hearted when it comes to the plight of Third World countries. Yes, Canadians and humanitarian groups should offer their help to countries in Africa and Asia for things like clean drinking water. And organizations like Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF deserve our whole-hearted support. They make all the difference to the impoverished peoples of those countries.

But I draw the line at using taxpayers’ money to subsidize other countries’ pollution reduction strategies. We should create meaningful jobs right here in Canada and benefit from what we create.

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