Keyboard Commando – Let’s pray for Kathleen Wynne to go down to defeat in 2018

Mac Olsen

For someone who is supposed to be against the use of fossil fuels and promotes a “green energy” agenda, I find Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario to be contradictory in her message.

Last week, I saw a photo of her in the National Post riding a farm tractor. She was at the International Plowing Match in Harrison, Ontario.

Wynne is all about “green energy,” including wind turbines and solar power. So, why was Wynne riding a vehicle that she would normally demonize as a fossil fuel burner?

I’m convinced she was there mainly for the public relations exercise, following the loss of a seat to the Progressive Conservative Party in a by-election earlier this month. Wynne wanted to show that she’s still in charge and that she will lead the Liberal Party of Ontario into the next election in 2018.

But I think it’s hypocritical of her to ride that fossil fuel-burning vehicle that she would normally condemn as contributing to the so-called “climate change” of the planet.

She is being two-faced – playing a double-standard that it’s okay to promote “green energy” while at the same time operating a vehicle that is politically incorrect for her environmental supporters.

Wynne has certainly made a lot of enemies over electricity costs in Ontario. I think Raymond Cho’s win for the Progressive Conservative Party in the riding of Scarborough-Rouge River was a signal to her that many people are very upset about their monthly electric bills.

Granted, you can’t read too much into that PC victory, as it was largely a protest vote against Wynne. And she could always pull a rabbit out of her hat and win again in 2018, if she plays her cards right.

Still, if electricity bills continue to rise in Ontario, then Premier Rachel Notley here in Alberta and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had better rethink their left-wing agendas to impose carbon taxes.

If their carbon tax plans result in far higher prices for electricity and fuel than expected – and their respective taxes don’t get people jumping on the “green energy” bandwagon or provide job creation, as I expect they won’t – then we’re going to see the same backlash against these left-wing leaders, as that which is going on against Wynne.

On the other hand, I would like to see all three left-wing leaders defeated in the next round of federal and provincial elections.

Especially Wynne.

Her imposition of a “green agenda” is what is causing electricity rates in Ontario to skyrocket. Her attitude is, it’s my way or the highway.
She will not compromise or back down, especially with her “green energy” agenda.

That’s to cater to left-wing and environmentalist supporters. But even they should be questioning her attitude and logic over her “green energy” agenda.

We’ll have to watch carefully what happens in the next few years at the provincial and national levels.

In the end, however, I hope Kathleen Wynne goes down to defeat in 2018, with Notley and Trudeau to follow. Then we can reverse their “green energy” agendas.

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