Kapawe’no presents plan to Big Lakes

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Kapawe’no First Nation has reached out to Big Lakes County to work on projects together.
Chief Sydney Halcrow talked to council as a delegation at its regular meeting Dec. 8.
He says Kapawe’no council is very interested in acquiring County- owned properties in Grouard planned to go up for auction in 2022.
“We are definitely interested in those lots,” Halcrow says.
However, he adds council does not have any specific proposals at the current time.
“We have some ideas and maybe we can work together on some projects,” Halcrow says.
“We can work together as we move forward.”
He suggests some of the land could be used to develop and promote tourism opportunities.
“We have to revitalize the area,” Halcrow says.
“We want to do something for tourism.”
Reeve Robert Nygaard agrees.
“Tourism is important for the region,” Nygaard says.
“We are certainly willing to work with you.”
Halcrow says Kapawe’no also plans a major building project in the First Nation.
“Moving forward, we want to build a new school,” Halcrow says.
Kapawe’no First Nations School opened in September 2021 for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Classes are based in the Northern Lakes College campus in Grouard.
The legacy of the program started about two years ago when Halcrow had a vision to protect the First Nation during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing Kapawe’no students to engage in virtual streaming of classrooms from another nearby First Nation.
In the past, students from Kapawe’no attended Grouard Northland School for kindergarten to Grade 9.
Northland School Division announced in June 2020 plans to build a new school to replace the current building that opened in 1985.

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