Kaminski accusations raise questions about who is in charge

Friends of Medicare
News release

Friends of Medicare are calling for a review of the governance and structure of AHS in light of accusations brought forward by former CEO Vickie Kaminski.

“Kaminski’s resignation letter sets a concerning tone. Governments are elected to set policy on social issues and the delivery of services, and we are glad the Alberta government is taking that responsibility seriously,” said Executive Director Sandra Azocar.

“While the government made a justified decision to preserve the status quo in keeping AHS, Kaminski’s letter highlights concerning problems with that status quo.”

Kaminski was the sixth CEO since the 2008 formation of AHS, each carrying a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Kaminski’s letter makes it clear that while our government had changed last year, AHS had not. While we believe Kaminski’s philosophy in AHS governance is wrong-headed, it highlights long standing questions about who is in charge,” Azocar added.

“Many believe that AHS was created as a political buffer for the previous government. We now have the opportunity to remove pretensions of ”arms-length” operation and truly run our health care system under the principles and priorities Albertans expect.”

“Broad ranging discussions on the role of AHS have occurred since its creation, ranging from abolishment to regionalization. We don’t have the answer today but are asking the question: what role should AHS fill, if any, under a responsible Ministry of Health?”

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