Job and Career Showcase prepares students

Keynote speaker Jeremy Hand of Avenge Energy talks about how he learned the most from his failures and lowest points in his life.
Lead parent organizer Gayle Walton speaks at Glenmary School’s career day. She says students need to start thinking about their future.

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

Peace River Glenmary School’s Grade 9-12 students learned more about their possible future careers at a very successful Community Job and Career Showcase.

“Forget tables in the gym and a bunch of students walking around, this is a totally different career fair concept,” says Gayle Waltonm, who led the group of parents who organized the Oct. 17 event.

The day was divided into 25 blocks with 20 presentations in each block. Students signed up in advance for presentations of their choice, rotating through the day.

“We wanted to plant some seeds, we wanted to inspire, we wanted to direct, we wanted to point them down some different paths,” Walton says.

In total, there were 160 presentations and 90 presenters.

Walton says the support from the community is, “Incredible, absolutely incredible.”

The day ended with a presentation by keynote speaker Jeremy Hand of Avenge Energy Services. Hand, who went to Glenmary School himself, talked about how he built his business to the success it is today.

“I gained the most knowledge and the most strength at the lowest points in my life,” Hand says. “Each time I felt failure, each time I struggled, I would gain greater experience and earn knowledge.”

He says his faith has helped him through the most difficult times in his life and career, which include being pushed out of his company by a partner and losing his father to suicide.

“When I think about my dad, and why he had to go, how I made it through that darkest day in 2017, how my family made it through that terrible loss, why my business made it through what is described the longest recession in Canadian history, it was because I had a path and a solid foundation,” Hand says.

“Now I was fortunate to have chosen a career at a young age due to the people around me and the great influence I had. But if you haven’t chosen that career or your education you want to pursue, don’t wait. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Go after it. Plan a strategy. Where are you going to start? How are you going to get there?”

He offered more advice.

“Your direction might change and obstacles may fall in front of you. This doesn’t mean you failed. With the proper foundation this is referred to as experience. You may lose money, you may lose a friend, a family member, or your business, but you’ll never lose experience,” Hand says.

“Accept those mistakes, learn from them. Your worst mistake might be your greatest success.”

Alisha Mody presents one of the career day sessions. Mody is a municipal planner with the Town of Peace River. Photo courtesy of Glenmary School.

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