It’s might cost more to keep the dust away

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County residents who want to control dust on the gravel road in front of their home may have to pay more.
At its regular meeting Jan. 26, council gave first two readings to amend the schedule of fees bylaw.
“Adjustment of fees will allow the County to recover more of its costs,” said Mohammad Choudhary, director of corporate services.
Residents could see the rate of the first application for 150m increase to about $658 from the current rate of $494 under the proposed changes.
For the second application, the rate would rise to about $514.50 per 150m from $370.50.
Administration proposes that residents who request dust control along their property pay 100 per cent of the actual full cost for 150m for the first application and 100 per cent of the actual costs of materials for the second application.
Currently, the fees for 150m are 100 per cent of the actual material costs for the first application and 75 per cent of actual material costs per 150m for the second application.
“Public works has been gradually increasing the rates for dust control over the last three years to get full cost recovery for the dust control program,” says Choudhary.
“Council reviewed the dust control program at a council workshop in November and supported increasing the first application to full-cost recovery.”
Currently, residents are charged for only the cost of calcium for both applications.
The change to the first application would increase the amount to include the cost of calcium, the water truck, grader, staking and pilot truck.
For the second application, the rate would be for 100 per cent of the calcium only.

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