Investigation launched re recycling

Glass is not being recycled in the Town of High Prairie’s glass recycling bins.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Just how much of the material at the recycling centre in High Prairie is actually being recycled?
It was the question asked at council’s budget meeting Jan. 15.
“How much is recycled and how much ends up in the dump?” asked Councillor James Waikle.
Councillor Judy Stenhouse said she believed the material from the bins ends up in the Slave Lake dump and added recycling in town was a “false impression of what recycling is all about.”
Public Works Supt. Vern Walker then told council, “Glass is not being recycled.”
Later, Waikle added “glass was not recycled” when he was on council years ago.
Administration promised to look into the entire recycling issue but had not yet done so at press time.
Currently, it is not known for sure how much material is actually being recycling from the bins but glass is not.
“The glass market is not that good,” said CAO Rod Risling. “The market has dried up.”
As a result, if glass was recycled, it would cost council money, something the majority do not want to do.
Bins are still marked encouraging glass recycling.

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