Invasive Species Workshop April 28

Common tansy, oxeye daisy and Canada thistle are only three of many invasive species in Alberta.

Kate Lovsin,
Watershed Coordinator,
Lesser Slave Watershed Council.

Spring is here and the warmer weather is on the horizon! But did you know this is also a good time of year to start thinking about invasive weeds?
In Alberta, there are 148 invasive species [land dwelling weeds, aquatic plants, land animals and aquatic species] regulated as either noxious or prohibited noxious species. The difference between noxious and prohibited noxious means that those categorized as noxious need to be controlled to keep them from spreading and prohibited noxious must be stopped from spreading and destroyed.
Invasive species can damage our local ecosystems by choking out native species, having no natural predators, establishing themselves in disturbed areas and so much more. It is estimated that invasive species cost billions of dollars in revenue lost in natural resources on top of the negative impacts on ecosystem health and ecosystem services.
It is important that we all do our part to help manage invasive species on our land and within our communities.
In the Lesser Slave Watershed area, you can find species like Common Tansy [Tanacetum vulgare], Oxeye Daisy [Leucanthemum vulgare], Canada Thistle [Cirsium arvense], Purple Loosestrife [Lythrum salicaria], Tall Buttercup [Ranunculus acris] and White Cockle [Silene latifolia]. It is important to note these are not the only invasive species found in the area, but are some of the more common species.
Last year, the Government of Alberta monitored Lesser Slave Lake for evidence of invasive species and luckily did not find any. The LSWC will continue to monitor Lesser Slave Lake for invasive species like Quagga Mussels [Dreissena bugensis] and Zebra Mussels [Dreissena polymorpha] through the 2022 season. We hope a combination of awareness and education, regular monitoring and everyone doing their part to help manage invasive species in Alberta will stop their spread.
If you want to learn about invasive species, but have no idea where to start, you are in luck! The LSWC is hosting an in-person Invasive Species Workshop at Triangle Hall on April 28 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m! Attendees will hear from Agricultural Fieldman Sheila Kaus from the M.D of Greenview, invasive species specialists Nicole Kimmel and Hannah McKenzie from the Government of Alberta, and a guest appearance from Suess the Mussel Sniffing dog.
For everyone who registers for the event, there will be a free lunch provided!
To register for the event, check out! We will also have refreshments and take home resources available to all attendees! We hope to see you there!

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