Inspiration – Yes, Jesus loves you!

Joseph L’Heureux,
Lay Minister.

Since we were little, we have heard this phrase, yet it cannot be said enough, for those of us who heard it as children we often need reminding. For those of us who did not grow up in a Christian family, it’s tantamount that we see, hear and reflect on this phrase.
I repeat for those of you who did not hear this phrase growing up, it is well worth saying again.
Jesus loves you!
For those who did not grow up with this phrase resounding in your being: Who is this Jesus? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard many times that He, Jesus is the God of Salvation, for the song says, “The Bible tells me so.”
Why do we believe the Bible? The Bible, God’s gift to mankind, has stood the test of time. The Old Testament, was written as a Prophetic Book of Promises for the Jewish people. While recording their history their scribes often became prophets, and throughout were promised a messiah who would deliver them from slavery to other nations.
At a deeper level, slavery from the sin within themselves. For 4,000 years these promises sustained them with its promises of deliverance.
When the promised messiah came He fulfilled over 300 such promises, which were written down through the ages by these prophets, [seers] and historians.
The four Gospels of the New Testament confirm and report how Jesus taught His Disciples with signs and wonders and parables, while preaching and healing all who were sick or infirm as a confirmation and proof of who He was, the Son of God most high.
While teaching, He also predicted His own death and Resurrection on the third day. These four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John testify to His death and resurrection on the third day. They tell of how He appeared to them and others eight times over a period of 40 days before ascending into heaven before their very eyes, and returning to His Father and our Father. [Luke 24:51 and Acts 1:9]
Sounds like a lot to grasp and believe doesn’t it? Yet these four Gospels have inspired faith in us who believe for 2,000 years.
Acts is a history of the early church, the signs and wonders that the Disciples performed in Jesus’ name as they went about preaching; The Good News of His resurrection, the forgiveness of our sins and life after death for all who believe on and in His name.
The next 21 books are written for our instruction on how to live and worship while keeping all His commandments from the Old Testament. They include invitations and statutes that Jesus instructed His Disciples in. These letters of the New Testament are similar to the Old Testament, full of promises and reassurances and prophecies for our benefit.
One scripture to keep in mind, as you take up reading this beautiful book of history instruction and promises is: “All Scripture is God breathed, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” [2 Timothy 3:16]
“So that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” [2 Timothy 3:17]
This special phrase refers to the whole Bible, all 73 books [Catholic Bible] written for you.
The last book Revelation, is the most controversial in the Bible and gives us an insight into heaven. This “prophetic book” is full of heavenly and earthly instructions, admonitions, affirmations and promises. The twelfth chapter tells us of a sign in heaven: “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head.” [Revelation 12:1]
Jesus’ love for us is so great He promised and gave us all, His own mother to nurture and mold us, just like His Disciple John. This statement to St. John made us all His brothers and sisters, especially those who believe that we also will arise again on the last day.
The heavenly vision the disciples experienced with Jesus’ ascension into heaven [Acts 1:9-11] and promised us in [Verse 11] is happening in our very time through His Mother Mary; confirming to all of us His promises that we, too, will experience heaven with Him, His mother and all the saints.
Yes, Jesus really loves us and has promised to “remain with us till the very end of the age.”

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