Inspiration – Life after death examined

Joseph L’Heureux,
Lay Minister

Is there life after death?

Yes, there is, though you would never know it by the would-be funerals I have attended lately.

God has set up a tidy, orderly routine to life to help us find this life after death, but we have seemed to have placed them aside as if they have no value.

Let’s take a look at how God has fashioned and ordered our daily existence.

First, when He saw people destroying each other, He called Moses, to lead a people to a Promised Land. Over a 40-year period He gave them the Ten Commandments, to help His people find their way as a guide to life.

After a few thousand years these commandments sort of became a law in most countries; however, the good Lord knew this would never be enough, knowing what is in us, the selfishness that likes to take advantage of all situation. He called that person [selfishness] the devil, who encourages us in that direction.

It was 2,000 years ago when God the Father decided to reveal His mercy to the world by sending His Son, Jesus, whom we call the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus healed all sorts of sickness, paralysis and even raised three different people from death. Yes, death as an example of His power.

Then, last but not least, He raised up Jesus, His only begotten Son, after His death by crucifixion for our sins.

Yes, all our sins, defeating them, even the power of death, the devil’s or Satan’s ultimate weapon.

After His death, Jesus appeared to His disciples eight times, instructing them on how to establish His Church, promising to send them help from heaven through the power of the Holy Spirit, which did happen 50 days after His assumption into heaven.

This is our faith. What Jesus accomplished for us, is life after death, Satan defeated.

If we believe in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we are baptized and believe what He accomplished for us, His Father’s mercy.

Now the Father, knowing that His creation is very prone to sinning, even after the sacrament of baptism, established six other sacraments through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This was His Promise to St. Peter and His disciples.

“On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in heaven.” [Matthew 16:18-19]

These sacraments are: Holy orders for the priest to administer these sacraments – Baptism, Confirmation, and the Holy Eucharist.

These three are known as the sacraments of initiation.

To further assist us on our pilgrimage we have confession, marriage for a holy matrimony, and last rites, for extreme healing on our death bed, they often revive us for a longer life.

The sacrament of confession can be repeated as often as necessary and the sacrament of Holy Eucharist is to be repeated every Sunday, or daily if you prefer, which is the Holy Mass. The Holy Mass is a repetition of our Lord’s last words with His disciples at supper and a bloodless offering of His sacrifice and crucifixion.

By practicing and receiving these sacraments often we are professing our faith in what Jesus accomplished on our behalf, for all to see.

This is considered a silent witness, it even gets more powerful on our behalf if we share it with others.

These sacraments are aids for our salvation.

“There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name given among mortals under heaven by which we can be saved,” this is Jesus’ accomplishment on our behalf. [Acts 4:12] So if we do not practice our faith. how can we be saved?

Of course, Jesus and the Father are full of mercy so they gave us these two precious sacraments: last rites and a Mass, a celebration of His victory over death, on our behalf, praise the Lord.

How are we to find this life after death on our own? We can’t. All the testimonies of our good deeds we’ve done without Jesus are just straw in the wind.

Woe to those who have not practiced His commandments and sacraments.

Let’s just practice our faith to be assured of our salvation.

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