Inspiration – Importance of family night

Dan Cooper,
High Prairie
Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints

The family is the central unit in our society. No other organization can take the place of the learning and love that comes within a family.
The family is the most important place for children to learn the lessons which will prepare them for their lives to come. Within the walls of our homes, children can learn patience, love, and forgiveness in a safe environment where mistakes encourage growth and change.
Harold B. Lee once declared, “The most important . . .work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.”
May I suggest one way to increase love and learning in our homes – that of a family home evening night? Since 1915, family home evening has been encouraged amongst members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Families are encouraged to set aside one night of each week to spend solely with their families.
What does family home evening look like? Since families are all different, each family’s night will be just as varied. These evenings should be centred on activities that will be meaningful to your own family, and should serve to strengthen family relationships. For some, this may be sports, for others board games, and for another reading a novel together.
There is no one best way to spend time together, but the key component for all families is to unplug. When we disconnect, we can connect to each other.
Suggestions for family nights may include:

  • Small lessons needed within the family on values important to the family;
  • Spiritual thoughts and discussions;
  • Game nights;
  • Playing a sport together;
  • Outdoor activities the family enjoys;
  • Acts of kindness.
    The possibilities are endless!
    In order to make them successful, remember three things: have fun, add variety and, most importantly, be consistent! If everyone in the family knows that Monday night is family night, other activities will not take precedence.
    Our families are our most important work. As David O. McKay stated, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”
    May we each make our best effort to put our family first.

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