Inspiration – Healing is possible

Brian Gilroy,
High Prairie
Church of the

We live in a broken world. We live among broken people. Hurting people hurting other people. People desperate for restoration, for hope, peace, and inner healing. A generation that for the most part has grown up neither knowing God nor His love for His creation [both human and non-human] which leads to a worship of the creation instead of the Creator. [Romans 1:21-25]
A generation that sees more value in investing in activities or actions to bring temporary pleasure for the individual. This focus in life then becomes an ever-increasing taskmaster which demands more and more to achieve that same level of original satisfaction.
A generation that often offers the world a form of godliness without true heart transformation.
A generation who finds it easier to conform to the standards of this world when in truth, God wants His children to transform this world.
A generation that offers itself up to the voice that calls the loudest instead of listening for the still small voice of the Lord.
True transformation and healing begin when we stop running away from God or building walls to avoid seeing God or hearing his voice. True transformation and healing begin when we stop making excuses and face reality – You and I were created by a loving God to be in a loving and personal relationship with Him.
We live in a generation who have trouble loving others because many of them are products of hurting people hurting them. The way of the Lord produces loving, peaceful, loyal, and Godly families whereas the way of the world and its self-centred focus leads to infidelity, devaluation of people and relationships – a fast food form of relationships where you want what you want when you want it.
A world where your needs are the most important needs and if your partner does not meet your needs, you go elsewhere to have those needs met.
A world where the value of a person is based upon what they can do for you and not the infinite value that God placed upon them when He created them.
Healing is possible when we turn to the relationship expert – God!
God knows you inside out. He created you and although you may be able to hide your hurt from others, God sees it all and desires to heal you. [Psalm 139; Matthew 11:28; Acts 5:1-11 and healings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark. Luke, and John]
The Bible records the relationship between God and His love for us from the Creation through man’s multiple times of seeking other gods who were not gods at all [many idols made of stone or wood]. The journey of love continues through to the ultimate act of love – the death of Jesus Christ the Son of God our Messiah and his bodily resurrection from the dead. Jesus was born to die that we might be restored in our relationship with God and have our spiritual life resurrected. Our spiritual life and relationship with God that is killed because of our sin or rebellion against God. The Bible concludes with reminding us of our future and how that is determined by our decisions in this life.
The question we all must face is: “Do we want to continue in a life of hurt and spiritual deadness, or do we want to ask God to begin the healing process by asking God to forgive our sins and tear down the walls we have created to keep Him out?
You can be healed in Jesus’s name. What are you waiting for?

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