Inspiration – Denial does not change

Pastor Brian Gilroy,
High Prairie Church of the Nazarene.

The Earth is a globe. We have seen pictures from satellites, video, and numerous other sources to confirm this fact.

Yet, the Flat Earth Society promotes the theory that our Earth is flat. That it is a conspiracy and that everyone who believes that the Earth is round has been deceived.

There will always be people who will determine in their hearts and minds that some event that they do not agree with, even if a historical fact, is a fabrication. An intent to deceive the public or deny an event. Some will believe these theories and promote them, but the real deception is the denial of irrefutable facts.

A large-scale deception that some people are trying to pass off as truth is the denial of God. Yet God does exist and is the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists.

If we look at the Creation Narrative in Genesis 1-2, we find a number of facts. God created all that exists. It was not important to the inspired writer of the text to explain how God created the universe. He was inspired to state only that it was God who created the universe.

Now we can discuss the many meanings of the Hebrew word “Yom” or “day”; however, all that matters in the Bible is that God is the Creator.

So, arguing about the Big Bang Theory or trying to deny that God is real by relying upon Science does not change the fact that God created all that exists. One can argue from a scientific point of view but then you must ask the question, “Is there truly a way to study without a preconceived bias?”

We all see life and make observations based upon a lens developed through experience. We choose what will ultimately form that lens through which we interpret the world.

Our belief in God and the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Messiah and Saviour, is irrefutable. History within and outside of the Bible makes this case. I would invite skeptics to read A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, a reporter who attempted to make a case to disprove Christianity. Read the book with an open mind and come to your own conclusions.

Denial of this foundational claim of Christianity often begins with the eternal excuse of “it’s not my fault.” Adam and Eve used that as their excuse while attempting to pass the blame for their actions and it has been a part of us ever since.

How many people of all ages, even when caught in the act of a lie, will still try to pass the buck or deny that they did anything wrong? Why blame the student for not doing his or her homework when you can blame the teacher or the system for not doing a better job?

When a drunk driver injures or kills someone, why do we blame God for allowing him to drive drunk? We deny personal freewill to pass the blame to God.

The big picture of this article is the fact that each one of us demands accountability from everyone else but when it comes to our own accountability for our decisions and actions this same standard does not apply.

Denial of facts do not change the facts. The Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Deny it all we want. We are sinners in need of mercy. The Bible says that all our righteous acts or good deeds done with a purity of intention in and of themselves are still like filthy rags in the eyes of God. The grace we seek, we often choose a system created by humanity that we self impose on God. In doing so, we reject God’s offer of mercy and God will only accept the mercy he extends to pay for the sins we have done.

You and I have only two choices in life. We either choose to accept God’s mercy and ask forgiveness for our sins because Jesus died as a payment for our sins. Or we can continue to deny the truth and invest our lives in developing innovative ways to deny the existence of God and any personal accountability.

Bottom line is – one day you will face God and give an account for the decision of denial or acceptance that you lived your life by.

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