Infrastructure work on 99 St Peace River delayed

Peace River has planted 24 new trees in Saddleback Park. Photo by Town of Peace River

Residents submit petition to save local trees

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

Construction on 99 St., also know as River Road, has been delayed after local south end Peace River residents submitted a petition to save the trees there.

Residents also hired an arborist to assess the situation and had her present her findings to the public.

In a letter to residents dated May 10, Director of Engineering for the Town of Peace River Jim McCuaig said, “In addressing a recent petition that affected the Phase 2 and 3 areas with regards to tree removal along the proposed route, we have had to redirect project resources to other areas within the project to provide time to properly address the raised concerns. This was done as to not delay our contractors who are already mobilizing the crews and equipment to undertake this work.”

The work between 105th Avenue and 114th Avenue that was to be completed as part of Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the neighbourhood infrastructure renewal project has been deferred for now.

“We anticipate providing residents an update on this work later this year after the raised concerns can be resolved,” McCuaig wrote.

“I don’t know that it’s so much of a delay as there is a public consultation component we take pretty seriously,” Mayor Tom Tarpey told the Express.

“Based on the information from the last few sessions, we as a Town, and I’ll speak for administration on this part, have decided to put a pause on Phase 2 and 3 so that they can reevaluate those phases, and at the same time we’ve accelerated Phase 4. So we are still going to end with the south end neighbourhood renewal program.”

The Town is holding an information session on the south end neighbourhood infrastructure renewal on June 19 from 7 to 9 pm at Athabasca Hall.

Residents are encouraged to attend.

Meanwhile, the Town of Peace River has planted 24 new trees in Saddleback Park.

The new planting of Trembling Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, Ohio Buckeye, and Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder trees was funded by a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

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