‘Indian Grinch’ meets his match!

Anyone excepting a traditional Christmas concert at Driftpile Mihtatakaw Sipiy School Dec. 14 might have been disappointed. Anyone expecting a cultural Christmas concert may have felt the same. But combine the two and everyone went home delighted! Students and staff, under the direction of Tina Isadore, did a magnificent job of combining the two in front of a full gymnasium. The concert honoured the teachings of the grandfathers and Elders, and provided the right amount of traditional Christmas attire with cultural regalia. Each class presented a skit on teaching including truth, humility, love, wisdom, courage, respect and honesty. However, it has to be said that the Grade 7 play The Indian Grinch was the biggest hit with the audience, especially the Grinch played by Lazzarith Giroux, who kept the audience entertained with antics during slow times between skits.

Grade 6 students did a skit teaching respect. Included in the teaching was the Teaching of the Buffalo. Later, the skit included drummer boys and hoop dancers. Left-right are Dashawn Cachene, Tyris Giroux, Tyress Isadore and Farah Thunder-Kozowy.
Grade 1-2 students presented wisdom. Left-right are Lovaiah Collins ad Diamond Cardinal. Beavers represent The Teaching of the Beaver.
Kindergarten students presented the teachings of humility. In front is Zuriyah Sinclair, behind her is Greyson Bellerose.
The teaching of truth was presented by the Grade 3 students. Left-right are Julianna Isadore and Emerald Giroux.
Grade 3s thrilled the audience with Honouring the Women’s Spirit Dance. In front is Morning Star Arcand, behind her is Hailey Giroux.
The fictitious village of Who-Pile, a thriving little place combing the names of Whoville and Driftpile, and one the Indian Grinch threatened.
The teaching of wisdom was presented by the Grade 1-2 class. Left-right are Odessa Gouthro and Georgette Giroux-Chalifoux.

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