Ideal conditions for O’Mahony Conservation Area annual skiing event

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Skiers hitting the trails at O’Mahony Conservation Area 2nd Annual Group Skiing Event on Sunday February 7.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

For the second annual O’Mahony Conservation Area, Group Skiing Event, on Sunday February 7, the weather was cooperative with sunshine and the temperature around minus ten, bracing but certainly not frigid.
Considering the fluctuating temperatures recently, many expected the trails to be icy but on the contrary, conditions were excellent on the well-groomed trails, thanks to Roland Garant.
Approximately 20 skiers took to the trails around the appointed time between 1pm and 1.30 pm with others arriving later.
The O’Mahony Conservation Area events, such as the annual Group Skiing Event and the annual hike in September along with getting people together to have a good time out in the environment, the events are also important in creating awareness of the facility and in encouraging people in the community to take advantage and get out to enjoy it.
The participants in the February 7 event crossed the spectrum of age and expertize and with trails such as the relatively laid-back Owl Loop to the more vigorous Eagle Trail, the occasion accommodated everyone.
When used for skiing, walking, birdwatching etc., it is important that people respect that it is first a conservation area and remember to take out anything they bring in, to preserve the natural equilibrium of the area.
The O’Mahony Conservation Area, approximately 9 km south of McLennan on Highway 2, is open year round and people are free drop by and enjoy it at any time.
Ninety-six species of birds have been identified in the O’Mahony Conservation Area, which is ideal for school field trips, interest groups and the self-guided, interpretive trails make it easy to navigate and offer a good overview of its flora and fauna.
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