HPSD plans to end at-home learning

SPN Staff

High Prairie School Division is not planning to offer at-home learning during the 2021-22 school year.

HPSD announced the plan in a news release June 8.

Division administrators are optimistic risks and restrictions in the COVID-19 pandemic will be reduced by then.

Parents and guardians registering their children for in-person classes with HPSD will register with the physical school in their area.

HPSD outreach schools located in High Prairie and Slave Lake continue to offer alternative programming to students.

Outreach schools primarily offer programming to students in the High Prairie area.

HPSD students living outside of High Prairie and Slave Lake may be able to access programming and services through the outreach schools.

For more information about which outreach school would be right for a student, parents are urged to speak to the principal at the school where the student is currently registered.

Student registration for an outreach school would be done through the outreach school itself in consultation with the outreach school administrator.

Parents are requested to register their child for school in the upcoming year by filling out the registration forms on the school division website at www.hpsd.ca/register.

Parents and guardians of returning students should check for a re-enrollment verification form that has been sent to them by email.

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