HPSD bus safety under review

Richard Froese
For The Express

High Prairie School Division is responding to concerns about bus safety.

At its monthly meeting April 17, the board reviewed an independent transportation study, says a news release dated May 8.

A study was launched after questions and concerns about bus safety were raised at school council meetings.

The comprehensive report details the current processes of the division, recommendations presented by school councils and discussions with law enforcement and other agencies involved with traffic safety.

Trustees reviewed a proposal by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) to urge the provincial government to provide more funding.

The United Conservative Party became the new government after defeating the New Democratic Party in the provincial election April 16.

The ASBA provided information for school boards to review, “urging the next government to complete a comprehensive funding formula review in partnership with the ASBA”.

Trustees discussed the ASBA information and how the board could share that with the school community.

Administration will assist the board to distribute the approved materials to HPSD schools.

The board was updated about special student and teacher programs.

Literacy and numeracy lead Evan Dearden gave a broad overview of steps to improve literacy and numeracy in the division.

Supervisor of inclusion Brennan McDonald presented the work being done with the Learning Support Teachers program and inclusion efforts across the division.

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