HPE students big fans of Iditarod race

Luke Sorfleet
August Willcott
HPE Reporters

This is Luke and August reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
The KC class is building a submarine! Students have been learning about ocean animals and decided their class needed a submarine! Using some large boxes they started painting them, next they will be deciding what colour the submarine will be. Stay tuned for pictures of their finished project. KC has also been busy in the courtyard, learning how to take care of the teepee and building snow castles. It has been a lot of fun!
Remember this week is Student-Led, [Parent/Teacher] interviews. It will be very nice to see the faces of our parents in person this year. It has been two years since parents were allowed into their children’s classrooms. HPE welcomes all those who will be meeting in person and will love to hear from those parents who are meeting either by phone call or Google Meet.
Grade 5/6C and Grade 5P students have been following the Iditarod in Alaska. This is the 50th anniversary of running this race.
In Grade 5/6C, the Grade 5 students are creating trading cards of each of the mushers. They then researched and wrote a paragraph full of information about their two mushers.
The Grade 6 students have been writing news reports about the Iditarod, the dogs and the mushers. In the classroom, students have the trading cards posted and a map of the race up on the wall. Each morning the Grade 6 students move the mushers into their new positions along the Iditarod trail. The students then spend some time checking out the live feed of information about what is currently happening that day. This will be the third year that 5/6C students have followed this amazing race!
Grade 3 students are testing the strength and stability of different shapes such as a cube and a tetrahedron [triangles] using a variety of materials such as wood and plasticine.
Grade 3 and 4 students are comparing and ordering fractions using manipulatives, fraction trips and other visuals.
Our next assembly on March 3. HPE is able to welcome parents back into the school as well for this assembly.
March 17, wear green and you just might find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!
Students in Grade 3LM get to go snowshoeing with Grade 5P at Jaycee Park on Wednesday and are excited for some fresh air and fun!
Grade 5P students have started a reading race that coincides with the Iditarod race in Alaska! Go, 5P readers, go!
March 4, many classrooms took part in the Earth Ranger Virtual Classroom Field Trip. Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, committed to instilling environmental knowledge, positivity and the confidence to take action in every child in Canada.
Grade 5/6C will again be involved in a virtual meeting with the wonderful Goota Desmarais, who is amazing at speaking with the students about anything Inuit. Last year, the students learned to play games, heard about some of the prizes that a child could win such as a jar of fish eyeballs and so much more. Grade 5/6C is excited to show Desmarais the soapstone that they have been carving. Thanks goes to Diane Bellerose for again organizing this virtual visit.
This has been Luke and August reporting to you from HPE!

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