HPE begins busy school year

HPE Staff
For South Peace News

In Syndey Saitz’s kindergarten class, students are settling into their routines. They are working on recognizing their names, counting to 10, and strengthening their fine motor skills. They have also been learning outside by the big pine trees.
Hillary Zahacy’s kindergarten class is busy practicing routines and procedures in class. Students have been creating fall art and enjoying learning through play indoors and outdoors. They have been focusing on kindness and how to be good friends to their classmates.
Becky Cardinal’s Grade 2 class is off to a great start! They are having a great time using our STEAM bins each morning. When the students arrive, they have a challenge and different materials to use. This week, they need to use 20 pieces of Lego to create something. Some students came up with an automatic apple picker, another made a sculpture with a water fountain! Lot of creative thinkers!
In Natalie Cole-Lamothe’s Grade 1-2 class, the students have been working on many skills and procedures. Students spent time learning to organize their time and materials, follow rules for safety and fun, and how to treat others with kindness and respect. In Language Arts, students have been learning to share their thoughts in their journals, in both written and picture form. Learning is fun at HPE!
In Penny Johansson’s Grade 3 class, students are learning about mapping and directions in Social Studies. They are able to create a map of their classroom and will be following a map to discover a surprise. In Science, students are learning about sound.
In Crystal Larose’s Grade 4 class, students are learning about the numerous decomposers, consumers and producers found in nature. Thank you to Tannisha Mackenzie for setting up Mission Impossible in the gym. Students used a number of skills and faced many challenges while racing through the many tasks that involved throwing, running, jumping and rolling. Students took time recently to learn about Terry Fox and his fundraising efforts before their recent run. Students took time to reflect, personally, on an individual they were running for.
In Lori Denty’s Grade 5 class, students have just finished up an Ask Assessment in Language Arts. In Math, they are learning about patterns and decimals. In Science, they are learning about the weather and in Social Studies they are learning about Canada.
Joanne Murphy’s and Charlene Porisky’s Grade 6 classes had a super-fun field trip to the O’Mahony Conservation Site on Thursday, Sept. 22. The Lesser Slave Lake Forest Society put together a great day of learning about the boreal forest. They had an ecology hike, participated in tree and plant identification, took forest measurements, and learned about wildfires and fire safety. They were all so lucky to do this on a beautiful, sunny day with weather cooperating! A great day was had by all!
Teacher Tannisha Mackenzie is teaching K-Grade 6 students about rhythm and various instruments this month. They are also working on singing O Canada. Grade 6 students are just beginning to work on the spring musical they will be performing.

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