Town of High Prairie provides crew and equipment to help with McLennan paving project

The High Prairie crew who worked on the McLennan trail paving project: Cameron Rich, Joe Hyde, Jon Chalifoux, Jay Ferguson, Steven Ferguson and Mike Denty.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Paving work on the lakeview trails in McLennan took place over four days at the beginning of October.

The work relied on the generous assistance of the Municipality of High Prairie, which included equipment such as trucks, roller, paver and a five member crew.

While the Recreation and Leisure Society paid the High Prairie crew’s wages, the loan of equipment and making the crew available to help with the McLennan paving project was exceedingly generous, very helpful and greatly appreciated.

“I really want to thank High Prairie, for their neighbourly spirit in lending us their equipment and crew for 4 days to come and finish this off for us,” says Dr. Pieter De Wet, president of the McLennan Leisure and Recreational Society that is doing the trails project.

The High Prairie crew included Jon Chalifoux, Joe Hyde, Jay Ferguson, Steven Ferguson, Cameron Rich and Mike Denty.

About 55 percent of the trail is now paved but the Recreation and Leisure Society hoped that more progress would have been made but, as is often the case, unforeseen circumstances diminished those expectations.

“I thought that we would get further with the trail this year,” says De Wet. “We had originally planned to lay the pavement 2 inches thick and five feet wide but with all the rain the base was so soft in some places that we needed to put five inches of pavement in those areas.”

Over half of the total 3.2km McLennan lakeview trail is now paved with the paved section runs from the edge of the Birdwalk trail just west of Manoir du Lac, along both sides of the pond to where the trail comes up to meet Lakeview Boulevard and 1st N.E.

As the paving stands, in the spring and summer residents of Manoir du Lac have the opportunity to use the paved trail as it is now suitable for wheelchairs and motorized scooters.

Working alongside the High Prairie crew was the McLennan group consisting of Dan Drouin and his son Robert, Karl Calliou, Tyler Chalifoux, Michel Pelletier and Arnold Quintal.

The McLennan group handled the bobcats and brought the tar in from Peace River.

“There were three people from McLennan hired to work on the trails for four days and they were great, those guys worked nonstop,” says De Wet. “And what is really nice is that two communities could work together and at the end of the day we have something that for many, many years to come we can still use.”

A paved section of the trail running alongside the pond just below Lakeview Boulevard.
The McLennan paving crew: Karl Calliou, Robert Drouin, Tyler Chalifoux, Michel Pelletier, Arnold Quintal, Dan Drouin.


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