HP council appoints new auditors

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Town of High Prairie has a new auditor.
At its regular meeting Aug. 25, council approved a motion to appoint Doyle and Company Chartered Professional Accountants of Edmonton for 2022 at a cost of $23,500, including travel expenses.
“Based on reference checks and price, administration is recommending council award the contract to Doyle and Company for a one-year contract,” treasurer Rita Maure says in a report to council.
She spoke with the company
“The manager states that he is confident they can perform all required audit verifications in that time frame,” town treasurer Rita Maure says.
“Two municipal references both indicate they are satisfied with their services.’
Councillor John Dunn says if the town is satisfied with Doyle and Company, council could consider extending the contracting to three years.

Councillor taking four-month leave

Councillor Judy Stenhouse was granted a four-month leave of absence without pay.
She requested the leave due to current work scheduling conflicts.
Stenhouse will return to public office Dec. 25.

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