HOROSCOPE – First week of July 2016

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, there is much you want others to know about you this week, but you’re not ready to share all of the details just yet. Continue to bide your time, sharing only when it feels right.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 There’s not much you can do to change a current situation, Taurus. Step away for a bit and let the pieces fall where they may. Then you can develop a strategy.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 You have a new goal this week, Gemini, but others are not as receptive to your ideas as you hoped they would be. You may need to fine tune things. Be persistent.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, resolve to make the most of this week even if it seems difficult to do so. Seek support from friends or family members willing to lend an ear or a helping hand.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, take a few moments to recharge this week. You have been going at a breakneck pace for too long, and now it’s time to slow things down. Use some vacation time if you can.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, others are routinely drawn to your unique personality. Make the most of others’ warm reception and do your best to return the favor whenever you can.

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, if you want to get things accomplished this week, you may have to do them yourself. Going it alone may require a lot of work, but you are up to the challenge.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, your magnetism can draw others to you like a moth to a flame, and that has helped you establish lasting friendships and build strong relationships. Cherish your good fortune.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 Your super sense of humor is on full display this week, when you have an opportunity to be the life of a party. Spend as much time in the limelight as you can.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, so much is going on that the week seems like it may stretch on forever. Just take things one day at a time and enjoy your full schedule while it lasts.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18 Take some time for yourself this week, Aquarius. You have earned a little R&R, and now is the perfect time to prioritize some fun and excitement.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, channel your creative energy into a special project. Invite others to join in the project and let things go where your creativity takes you.

JULY 3 – Andrea Barber, Actress (40); JULY 4 – Andrew Zimmern, TV Host (55); JULY 5 – Edie Falco, Actress (53); JULY 6 – Kevin Hart, Comic (37); JULY 7 – Ringo Starr, Musician (76); JULY 8 – Kevin Bacon, Actor (58); JULY 9 – Fred Savage, Actor (40)

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