HOROSCOPE – First Week of December

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you can be quite generous when you choose to be, but sometimes you can overlook the needs of others. Pay as much attention to others’ needs as possible this week.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 Little things influence how others look at you, Taurus, so make sure you get all of your ducks in a row — especially at work. Focus on some finer details.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 You may not be in a practical mood this week, Gemini. Fortunately for you, there isn’t much of importance that needs to be done, so you are free to let loose a little bit.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 This isn’t a week to take a walk down Memory Lane, Cancer. Focus on the future rather than getting lost in nostalgia. However, let your past guide your actions a bit.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, your calendar is filling up quickly, but you cannot add any days to the calendar. Divide your responsibilities so you can better handle everything on your slate.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 Ambivalence will get you nowhere fast, Virgo. It can be difficult to make decisions, but that’s something you have to do this week. Once you do, you can forge ahead.

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, you are capable of making intelligent, objective decisions. Expect to find yourself with a growing list of new friends who want your advice.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 Now is not the time to begin a new project, Scorpio. Rather, keep a low profile and finish up any tasks that you did not get to finish last week.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, it’s difficult to get a good read on any associates or friends, which could impact your plans moving forward. You may need to make a few assumptions and back track later.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, right now all you can think about is your career and your financial future. That’s okay because you’ve been meaning to give more thought to your finances and how to proceed.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, you may feel yourself pulled in two different directions this week. There’s a part of you that is focused on home, and another that knows work beckons. Find a balance.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 It may seem like getting others to open up is a struggle this week. Find a way to communicate as best you can, Pisces.


NOVEMBER 29 – Howie Mandel, Comic (60); NOVEMBER 30 – Kaley Cuoco, Actress (30); DECEMBER 1 – Vance Joy, Singer (28); DECEMBER 2 – Charlie Puth, Singer (24); DECEMBER 3 – Amanda Seyfried, Actress (30); DECEMBER 4 – Tyra Banks, Model (42); DECEMBER 5 – John Rzeznik, Singer (50)

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