Holy Family recognizes long service

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division [HFCRD] has recognized its 2019-20 long-service award recipients.

As a small token of appreciation, staff members who complete 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service are recognized for their hard work and dedication, says a news release dated June 23.

“Usually, award presentations are done at year-end award ceremonies in front of all students and staff in each school,” board chair Kelly Whalen says.

However, that was not possible since schools were closed since March 16 during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This year, we celebrated our dedicated staff by a video from each trustee to their local school,” Whalen says.

“The board is very grateful for our dedicated employees who all contribute positively to their school community.”

Videos of the board congratulating each recipient in posted on each individual school Facebook page.

Following is a list of recipients at each of Holy Family’s schools:

Good Shepherd School in Peace River

Mary-Anne Rotenburger – 30 years
Paul Martel – 30 years
Eliana Viola – 20 years
Leanne Rein – 15 years
Nathalie Nichols – five years

Glenmary School in Peace River

Patrick Connellan – 30 years
Monique Randall – 25 years
Scott Randall – 20 years
Jordan Loughlin – 15 years
Adriana Creelman – 15 years
Brandi Parker – 10 years
Frederick Castelino – 10 years
Kellie Coen – 10 years
Nicole Adams – five years

Holy Family School in Grimshaw

Victoria Cornick -15 years
Lilliana Paiva – 10 years
Carson Ewing – five years
Mya MacLeod – five years

École Providence School in McLennan

Judith Mawoko – five years
Amanda Moyles – five years
Sheena Valiquette – five years

St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie

Frances Caudron – 30 years
Rachel Marzotko – 30 years
Mary Briand – 25 years
Eileen Billard – 20 years
Stephanie Dubé – 15 years
Joanne Lasher – 15 years
Collin Rattray – 10 years
Leanne Cox -10 years
Arnel Tabula – 10 years
Jusstine Brame – five years
Anita Olanski – five years
Amanda Masson – five years
Nancy Lewis – five years
Brandi Matula – five years

St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview

Debbie Ilg – 20 years
Dale Bonertz – 15 years
Emily Reynolds – 10 years
Reta Marshall – 10 years
Cynthia Klassen – 10 years
Charlen Mangio – five years
Teresa Campbell – five years

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