Hilliard’s Bay paving tender awarded

Map provided by Big Lakes County shows the many proposed phases of paving gravel roads in the Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park area proposed by the county. Big Lakes received provincial funding from the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) to repave Township Rd. 752A (Hilliard’s Bay Rd.) as the contractor plans to complete the work this fall.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The main road leading to Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park and the Hilliard’s Bay Estates to the east may be repaved in the coming weeks.

Big Lakes County awarded the contract to Wapiti Gravel Suppliers in the amount of $1,503,142.12, the lowest of three tenders received by the deadline Aug. 10

Tenders were reported in the council agenda Sept. 13 by Kevin Cymbaluk, director of public works.

“The successful bidder plans to carry out the project this fall,” Cymbaluk says.

“I’m hoping they would start by the middle of September.”

However, that is not likely since a start-up meeting had not been held, he says Sept. 7.

Wapiti will repave Township Rd. 752A – also known as Hilliard’s Bay Rd. – from Highway 750 eastward for 6.8 km to a point about 200 m west of Range Rd. 141 (Shaw’s Point Rd.).

Total cost of the project is $2,067,102 down from the initial estimate of $2,912.979.

Big Lakes was awarded funding from the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors to cover 75 per cent of the cost, Cymbaluk says.

The balance of the funding required will come from the county’s general transportation reserve.

He says cost of the project has decreased for various reasons that include stabilized asphalt prices, an inflation rate lower than anticipated and Alberta Transportation projects cancelled in the region.

Asphalt will be laid at a depth of 75 mm instead of 25 mm as originally planned, Cymbaluk says.

The project is the first of four phases Big Lakes has requested funding to upgrade roads in the area.

Big Lakes has been lobbying the government for more than 10 years to provide funding to pave gravel roads in the area.

The County has requested funding to pave Township Rd. 752A and Range Rd. 141 for many years, he says.

“Efforts to pave the road have also been supported by Hilliard’s Bay Estates Condominium Association,” Cymbaluk says.

Shaw’s Point Resort has also pleaded council to seek funding to pave Range Rd. 141.

He notes council also plans to again submit applications for STIP funding to pave gravel roads (asphalt stability) in the area by priority phases that include.
-Range Rd. 752A for 4.3 km eastward from where the pavement ends (Phase 2).
-Range Rd. 752A fr 1.4 km leading into Hilliard’s Bay Estates (Phase 3).
-Range Rd. 141 for 1.8 km leading to Shaw’s Point Resort (Phase 4).

Deadline for applications is Nov. 30, he adds.

Proposed projects are reviewed to ensure they meet program criteria.

Projects are then rated on a province-wide competitive basis and evaluated on:
-Basic need.
-Impact on the overall transportation network.
-The current condition of the infrastructure.
-Total traffic volumes.
-Cost effectiveness and efficiency.
-Economic, social, environmental or innovation benefits.

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