High speeder has licence suspended

A driver was doing over 180 km/hr in a posted 60 km/hr zone.

Chris Clegg
For the Express

A woman has given an entirely new meaning to the term “lead-foot driver”.

On Friday, April 26, at approximately 2:45 a.m., High Prairie RCMP were conducting patrols of Highway 2 in the Big Lakes County region. Members conducted a vehicle stop on a driver doing over 180 km/hr in a posted 60 km/hr zone speed zone entering the town of High Prairie, says RCMP Cpl. Chris Warren, RCMP Media Relations Group.

As such a charge was laid of speeding at 120 km/h over posted speed limit.

It was not revealed if the woman was entering town from the west or east.

The woman, 27, was driving under a graduated driver’s licence. She was issued a summons for speeding requiring a mandatory court appearance, in addition to being charged with driving carelessly.

To worsen matters, she subsequently registered a ‘caution’ reading on the Approved Screening Device resulting in her vehicle being seized for seven days, and license suspended.

High Prairie RCMP remind motorists with GDLs there is zero tolerance for the presence of any alcohol or drug in their body while operating a motor vehicle.


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