High Prairie town discloses legal costs in Poole matters

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

As promised, the Town of High Prairie has disclosed the legal costs associated with the hiring and dismissal of former CAO Sherry Poole, plus legal advice regarding a FOIP request.
Interim CAO Ramona Rollins provided disclosure Sept. 16.
Consultations with counsel are: $200 on June 6; $2,150 from June 29 to July 22; and $250 from July 26 to Aug. 24. The FOIP request made and subsequent legal advice cost $550.
In total, legal fees were $2,600 and the FOP matter $550 for a total of $3,150.
Over the time legal advice was sought, council hired Poole but then changed its mind after it was discovered there were errors on her resume. A public outcry with some demanding mayor and some members of council resign occurred.
Former CAO Hermann Minderlein promised full disclosure.

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