High Prairie great host for Canadian championships

The contingent of Alberta competitors is led in by the flag bearers. Left-right, are Ray Prevost, of High Prairie, Terry Steinke, of Sexsmith, Scotty Miller, of Calgary, Lindsay Hodgins, of Elk Point, Rhoda Dumont of High Prairie, and Cal Beaudoin, of Spruce Grove.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

High Prairie region was given top marks as hosts for the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships at the Sports Palace from Aug. 17-20.
Postponed from 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, the tournament attracted 105 competitors, including 19 from the High Prairie region.
High Prairie Horseshoe Club and the Alberta Horseshoe Pitching Association co-hosted the tournament under Horseshoe Canada.
“The High Prairie club did a very good job,” says HC secretary Lia Snell, of Dashwood, Ontario.
“Everything was great.
“I’m happy with everything about the event and the community.
“Residents and businesses treated us very well.”
Tournament director Diane Beck echoes those words and commended High Prairie club president Ray Prevost for his commitment and leadership.
“Ray and the host club did a fantastic job to host the event,” says Beck, of Calgary.
“After two year without any tournaments, we were pleased with the turnout of competitors, especially with inflation and rising costs of travel in the past five months.”
She says visitors appreciated the warm welcome from the community, noting that small towns rarely host the Canadian championships.
“Community support was phenomenal,” Beck says.
“Every restaurant we ate at was wonderful.”
AHPA treasurer Mary Holley also gave high scores to the community for supporting the Canadian championship tournament and the Western Classic Horseshoe Tournament held Aug. 13-14.
“We appreciate the support from the community and the organizers and the work they put into it,” Holley says.
“Having that community support made both events better.”
During the opening ceremonies, Town of High Prairie Acting Mayor James Waikle also lauded the efforts of Prevost.
“I want to recognize Ray for his perseverance to bring the tournament to High Prairie, persevering through the pandemic,” Waikle says.
Prevost was more than delighted by the community support and hospitality to visitors.
“Without community support, this tournament wouldn’t have happened,” Prevost says.
“Lots of people said it was the best Canadian horseshoe championship tournament they ever attended and the best tournament closing banquet.”

Competitors travelled from five of the 10 provinces.
Alberta – 49
British Columbia – 23
Saskatchewan – 12
Ontario – 13
Quebec – 8
High Prairie region – 19
Alberta Peace region – 30

High Prairie region prize winners

Juniors and Peewees
All juniors and peewees players won prizes.
Parker Caron, of High Prairie – third with a ringer percentage of 5.67.
Kai Badger, of High Prairie – fourth with a ringer percentage of 3.17.
Aiden Caron, of High Prairie – fifth with a ringer percentage of 3.67.

Men’s D
Joe Keyespapamotoa, of Atikameg – second in Men’s C with a ringer percentage of 27.17.

Men’s E
Randy Courtoreille, of Grouard – first with a ringer percentage of 25.33.
Peter Badger, of High Prairie – third with a ringer percentage of 4.

Men’s F
George Rosychuk, of High Prairie – first with a ringer percentage of 6.5.
Riley Prevost, of High Prairie – second with a ringer percentage of 16.83.

Women’s C
Jackie Laboucan, of Atikameg – second with a ringer percentage of 35.17.

Women’s F
Marvelene Thomas, of High Prairie – second with a ringer percentage of 7.5.
Rhoda Dumont, of High Prairie – fourth with a ringer percentage of 3.93.

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