High gasoline prices? Council wants to know why!

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High gasoline prices in High Prairie have prompted council to find out why.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk wrote a letter Feb. 8 to Shell Canada Ltd., Esso Canada and Chevron Canada, as well as neighbouring municipalities. The letters were included in the Town of McLennan agenda package March 11.

“On behalf of the town council of High Prairie, we have been reviewing gasoline prices within a 200-km radius, there is a significant differential for the town of High Prairie,” wrote Panasiuk.

“We would like to inquire why prices in our area are significantly higher than surrounding communities,” he added.

“For example, the prices on Feb. 8, 2024 for the communities of Slave Lake and McLennan, range from $115.9/liter to $1.37.9/liter. While the town of High Prairie ranges from $138.9 to $144.9.”

Panasiuk and council are asking Shell, Esso and Chevron to explain why there is a “significant variance” in gasoline prices.

McLennan council briefly discussed Panasiuk’s letters.

“They (gasoline prices) are high there,” said Mayor Jason Doris.

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