Hey, kids! It’s time to start planning those lemonade stands!

Emily Plihal
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Community Futures Peace Country is looking for young entrepreneurs to take place in its annual Lemonade Day event this year.

General manager Sherry Crawford explains the children are taught all the integral steps to being a business owner in the community and basic entrepreneurial information they could potentially use as adults.

“It teaches them all of the aspects of starting a business from beginning to end – all in a kid-friendly approach,” says Crawford.

“It shows them that being a small business owner is a viable career.”

Lemonade Day includes a Lemonade University to go through the provided workbook, budgeting, and other items.

“We host a one-day training session where they receive workbooks and all of the necessary business forms to move forward with opening their stands,” says Crawford.

“This year, we will be providing one in-person training session in each of the communities we are hosting, Peace River and Fairview, but we will also be creating a training video that parents and kids can access at any time,” she adds.

Crawford says anyone from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can participate, however; she says it seems to be best suited to children in Grades 3-6.

“Once they go through the training, and sign the agreement forms, they can set up their stands on June 15, which is the same day throughout the province,” she says.

“They need to ‘rent’ a space from a business in town and we go over all of that in the training.”

The program is being run in Peace River and Fairview, but anyone outside of the two towns can still register and access the training.

“In order to qualify for judging and prizes, they must set up their stands in either of these two towns,” says Crawford.

“There are three categories they could win in: Best Tasting Lemonade, Best Stand, and Best Entrepreneur. The judges have criteria to follow and will ask the kids all kinds of questions. It’s fun for everyone,” she adds.

Crawford says the goal of the program is to help them with budgeting skills, money handling, and business planning, so that when they enter the workforce or open their own business the skills are already familiar to them.

“Kids love this day,” says Crawford. “They get excited about showing off their stands and about making money mostly.”

Crawford asks that business owners reach out to let them know who would be willing to be a “Sweet Spot” for kids to set up their stands in front of the businesses.

“Everyone else can get out and about with a pocket full of cash and support these budding entrepreneurs by buying their lemonade,” says Crawford.

Make sure to buy a delicious drink!

“Tips are also encouraged!”

Registration is open until May 15. Parents need to register through the Northern Alberta Lemonade Day site: https://lemonadeday.org

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