Ecole Heritage celebrates the spirit of season with families and the public

Above, Maryse Simon’s Grade 1 class entertains the audience with their own instrumental Christmas piece.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Santa and his reindeer got into a dispute and it took them a long time to come to a resolution, but in the end, they were on their way to make their year deliveries of presents to children and families.

This was one of the skits that students at Ecole Heritage performed during the school’s annual Christmas concert on December 20.

A lunch consisting of turkey and all the trimmings was served first by the many volunteers.

Principal Nicole Walisser opened the concert by welcoming everyone. Later, she commented to the Express:

“It was wonderful to see the Ecole Heritage family at the lunch and concert. It’s an opportunity for the families to mingle and enjoy the fellowship of the community. It’s so worth the effort, it really is.”

The Grade 12 students took over as the masters of ceremony.

Monique Jean-Cote’s prematernelle class was the first to perform, and they wore snowman costumes for their performance.

Look for a video of their performance on the Smoky River Express’ YouTube channel, as well as other performances there.

Next, Renee Cloutier’s Grade 2 class performed their skit about Santa and his reindeer.

Rachel St. Arnaud’s Grade 4 class performed the “hippo” song, and then four of the Grade 12 boys performed the “can-can,” wearing the fuzzy strings as part of it.

Reminding Santa that he has to be merry during the Christmas season was the basis for the Grade 9 students’ play.

During a pause, Anita Anctil, the president of the Ecole Heritage parent council, presented the Prix Manon-Bouthillier to Heritage parent Isabelle Caron.

Next, Janie Trudeau’s maternelle class performed ‘La Danse des Bucherons’.

The students dressed up in Paul Bunyan-like attire and pretended to chop trees down as they marched and danced on the stage.

For the next performance, Grade 12 student Nadia Sylvain played a piano to the song ‘Silent Night’.

Then it was the Grade 10 students’ turn to perform and they were about to sing a Christmas song, when one of them went out of key and it halted their performance.

After several tries, the other students walked off stage and the lone student tried one last time to get into key, but to no avail.

There were also several skits about Santa, including one where he was stuck in jail and his helpers tried to break him out.

Near the end of the concert, Joel Lavoie led Maryse Simon’s Grade 1 class for their song on home-made instruments.

Lavoie also joined Joshua St. Andre for ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’.

Lavoie played his guitar and St. Andre dazzled the audience with his saxophone performance.

Look for more photos about this Christmas lunch and concert, as well as several videos, at

Teachers and students attended a special mass at the Paroisse Ste. Anne Parish in Falher on the morning of December 21, with Father Pere Jean Cornelis leading the mass.

Joel Lavoie and a group of students in Grades 7-12 performed for the event, and Lavoie also led the elementary choir in ‘C’est Noel’ and ‘Sainte Nuit’.


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