Help the library stock the shelves

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The High Prairie Municipal Library is encouraging its patrons to support the High Prairie and District Food Bank.
The library is inviting everyone to join their “Reverse Advent Calendar” challenge!
During December, library staff are challenging the community and its staff to donate a different item from its calendar with all proceeds being donated at the end of the month to the food bank.
“For each day you participate in the donations you will have your name entered in a draw for a holiday basket prize,” says Quincy Ballester-Quinlog.
“We look forward to seeing you!”
Following is the challenge and what residents can donate each day:
Dec. 1: Box of cereal.
Dec. 2: Peanut butter.
Dec. 3: Stuffing mix.
Dec. 4: Boxed potatoes.
Dec. 5: Macaroni and cheese.
Dec. 6: Canned fruit.
Dec. 7: Canned tomatoes.
Dec. 8: Canned tuna.
Dec. 9: Dessert mix.
Dec. 10: Jar of apple sauce.
Dec. 11: Can of sweet potatoes.
Dec. 12: Cranberry sauce.
Dec. 13: Canned beans
Dec. 14: Box of crackers.
Dec. 15: Package of rice.
Dec. 16: Package of oatmeal.
Dec. 17: Package of pasta.
Dec. 18: Spaghetti sauce.
Dec. 19: Chicken noodle soup.
Dec. 20: Tomato soup.
Dec. 21: Can of corn.
Dec. 22: Can of mixed vegetables.
Dec. 23: Canned carrot and/or green beans.
Dec. 24-Jan.1: Closed.

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