Heathcare workers recognized for service

In celebration of Rural Health Week, held from May 27-31, Smoky River Regional Health Care Professional Attraction and Retention organized coffee breaks for health care professionals throughout the Smoky River Region. Both the Sacred Heart Hospital and Falher Medical Clinic staff received coffee breaks with ice cream treats and doughnuts to celebrate their extensive contributions to the region. Pictured are SRRHCPAR coordinator Myrna Lanctot, Rachelle Berube, Kate Tindall, and Richard Bouvier. McLennan Associate Medical Clinic will be recognized in June for their contributions.

Emily Plihal
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Smoky River Regional Health Care Professional Attraction and Retention organized this year’s Rural Health Week events to help celebrate the health care professionals in the region.

“Rural Health Professions Action Plan promotes Rural Health Week annually as a provincial initiative, but it is worth noting that the Smoky River region has always promoted Rural Health Week even prior to the Rural Health Professions Action Plan endorsing it,” says the Smoky River organization’s coordinator Myrna Lanctot.

“The purpose of Rural Health Week is to promote and appreciate the efforts of healthcare providers in keeping healthcare accessible in our community, recognizing the key role they play in maintaining the well-being of our region.”

Rural Health Week was held from May 27-31, and the Rural Health Professionals Action Plan says it’s a great opportunity to honour the contributions of rural Alberta healthcare providers.

“It is important to recognize healthcare professionals as they work tirelessly around the clock to ensure the health and well-being of our communities, knowing healthcare is a necessity of life,” says Lanctot.

“Individuals can recognize healthcare professionals by expressing gratitude, bringing treats, or simply acknowledging the important role they play in our community’s health- care.”

This year’s Rural Health Week activities included treating health -care professionals to coffee, ice cream treats, and doughnuts.

Healthcare professionals were also presented with a keychain as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Lanctot says New Horizon Co-op and the Rural Health Professionals Action Plan partially provided funds and items for this year’s Rural Health Week celebration. She explains that each year the celebrations vary some, initiatives centering around a coffee break organized by the Smoky River Regional Health Care Professional Attraction and Retention Committee.

“Celebrations were provided at the Falher Medical Clinic and will be provided in McLennan in June, which was a convenient date for the staff at the Associate Medical Clinic,” says Lanctot.

“Physicians and other healthcare professionals should consider our region as a great place to live, work, and play. The community values healthcare professionals, and efforts are made to ensure their seamless integration and support.”

Lanctot says the Smoky River Region is still in need of one family practitioner to fill the needs in the region, and she urges any interested physician to reach out to their committee to have a tour of the region.

“Practicing in our region offers numerous benefits, including a supportive community, opportunities for professional growth, access to sports and educational resources, and a rich cultural heritage that fosters success and opportunity for individuals and their families,” Lanctot adds.

Enjoying coffee and treats at Sacred Heart Hospital are nurses Kassandra Hicks and Jordyn Nolette, along with X-ray Technician Ilea Kapler.
Falher Medical Clinic staff enjoy treats. In front is retention coordinator Myrna Lanctot. Left-right are nurse practitioner Stephanie Barker, Dr. Firas Hussein, Dr. Lynn Hanekom, student Lila Borger, and registered nurse Holly Desaulniers.
Dr. Firas Hussein proudly shows off the ice cream treat provided to medical professionals in the Smoky River Region during Rural Health Week.

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