A great turnout for Canadiens reunion

Jean Cote Canadiens reunion teams at the Nampa Complex.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Former Jean-Cote Canadiens hockey team alumni, their family members and friends gathered at Nampa Complex to participate and watch former hockey team members resurrect some of their former glory and camaraderie on the ice.

Jean-Cote Canadiens hockey team certainly had a good run, being part of the local hockey scene for over forty years, beginning in the 1961/62 season.

For about twenty-five years, the team played in the Smoky River League and after the league disbanded, the Jean Cote team continued to play in a beer league until 2010.

Over that time, generations of local players joined the team and coming up to a decade since their last game, a reunion seems like a perfect idea.

Lucian Dubois came up with the idea and with his nephew Dustin, began looking into organizing a team reunion.

Of course, the Dubois family has been an integral part of the Jean-Cote Canadiens, with Lucien’s parents Gerry and Marie having looked after the team for close to forty-five years and Gerry has the distinction of being its longest serving coach.

Though some people did not make it, approximately 15 players took part in the reunion game with the younger team winning 5-4.

About 150 people attended the event to reminisce and look at the photographs and memorabilia that was on show in the lobby of the arena, with one former team member traveled from Ottawa for the event.

On the Sunday morning following the reunion game, the Jean Cote Cultural Society donated a well-attended pancake breakfast, which they opened to the community along with those who attended the reunion event.

All aspects of the event were a great success with things going according to plan.

“It turned out really good and everything went the way it was supposed to,” says Lucian Dubois.

Of course, there is no greater proof of the success of an event than talk of doing it again next year, which Lucian Dubois says he will consider doing it again if the interest is still there next year.

“There is some interest in holding it again next year and we are going to leave it sit there like that for now,” says Dubois. “When fall hits again we’ll take a look and see if people are still interested.”

Dubois says if they hold another reunion next year, it would be earlier in the season so they could play the game at the outdoor rink in Jean Cote.


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