Stellar performances and a great evening at Vanier’s “Strike up the Band”

G.P. Vanier senior high band, performing at the “Strike up the Bank” annual fundraiser, April 13.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Georges P Vanier’s “Strike up the Band” dinner, performance and silent auction took place on Saturday April 13.

Consistent with other years, when not performing, members of the band kept the show going on the floor, serving tables and ensuring that everyone in attendance were being looked after.

The grade 7 band began with renditions of Two Canadian Folk Songs, Hail to the Girls of Canada and Dragonfire.

Grade 9 band followed with “Crazy Train, Battle Song and At Twilight.

Grade 8 performed Born to be Wild, Celtic Air and Dance, and Warp Speed.

Senior High Band performed five pieces: Rock Around the Clock, Chasing Sunlight, Power of Love, A Little Tango Music and Jazz Cat.

Along with offering great performances, the students showed remarkable self-confidence and cheerfulness in keeping the show going while attending to guests.

The annual year-end fundraiser is very much a collaborative initiative with groups such as the Band Parents Association and numerous individuals taking care of different aspects of the event, apart from the music program, involves organizing the silent auction and catering the food.

An excellent prime rib supper, salad, desert and coffee were served and towards the end of the evening the draws, silent auction and 50/50 draw winners were announced.

While “Strike up the Band” is the official year-end concert and fundraiser, G.P. Vanier junior high and senior high band and band teacher Brock Whalen are going on a road trip to Saskatchewan to participate in the venerable Moose Jaw Band and Choral Festival, which takes place from May 13 to 16, and is now celebrating its seventieth year.

Strike up the Band has being running since D.J. Hicks started the fundraiser approximately 16 years ago.

Band teacher Brock Whalen conducting G.P.Vanier senior high band.
Flute players with Grade 8 Band.


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