Grant for road study approved

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Town of Falher and the M.D. of Smoky River have been awarded a grant of $34,500 for an engineering study on Second St. SW, also known as Cemetery Road.
Funding to assess the condition of the road has been approved by Alberta Community Partnership [ACP].
Falher council heard about the news from CAO James Bell at its regular meeting May 3.
Mayor Donna Buchinski said the grant will help determine the future of the road that is well-used by residents of both municipalities.
“We need to know how good or bad the road is.”
No matching grants are required by the local municipalities.
Bell said the study will be helpful.
“It will give us more information on the road base and the ditch, paving it, not paving it.”
Groundwork on the study is scheduled to start in May and a report is expected by the end of December, the application states.
“It’s to study the road, its conditions and what options we might have in the future for the road,” Bell said.
“We want the study done to evaluate all of our options moving forward.”
Options would include whether it might be best to keep maintaining it as a standard gravel road or if it’s easier to pave it and how all of that plays in with the drainage ditch beside it, Bell said.
Falher council discussed concerns about the road with administration and public works at a meeting June 9.
“Some of the issues include dust control, speeding, heavy truck access and road damage,” Bell said.
Council and administration would approach the issues systematically in an attempt to solve as many as possible in an effective and efficient manner.
Funding from the ACP is available to improve the viability of long-term sustainability of municipalities and encourage effective inter-municipal relations.

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