Georges P. Vanier students engage with Villa residents

In the photo above are the residents and members of GPV that participated in the game. In front, left-right, are Marcel Trudeau, Germaine Girard, Yvonne Laliberte, Estelle Bruneau, Jeannine Remillard, Annette Girard, Albert Sauvageau, Henri Martineau, Agathe Ouellette, Lucette Maisonneuve and Lorraine Doucette. In the back-row, left-right, are Henri Valiquette, Kristin Prellwitz, Sierra Embury, Chantal Bouvier, Teanna Campbell, Nathaniel Reid, Jamie Archbold, Lyndon Lavis, Katrina Jolie, Elaine Brochu and Rita St. Arnaud.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

A group of students in Grades 7, 8 and 9 at Georges P. Vanier travelled to the Villa Beausejour in Falher on December 18, to spend quality time with a group of residents.

They arrived in the afternoon and played a game of ‘Roll a Trump’, a card game using tennis balls to score points on a board.

The residents were on one team and the students on the other. Each person took a turn to throw three tennis balls on the board. Two targets were -3, so you could lose points hitting them.

The game ended with the residents winning, but for one of the students, it was enlightening to visit the Villa Beausejour.

“I had lots of fun, it’s a good experience,” says Krista Prellwitz. “I really like to help. Whatever needs to be done, I’ll help.”

She would like to volunteer her time at the Villa Beausejour in the future.

Giving back to the community is exactly what Henri Valiquette, the wellness coach at GVP, likes to instill in the students.

“I hope they see why we volunteer,” says Valiquette. “It’s really appreciated in the community.”

The Villa residents greatly appreciate the interactivity with the students, says Elise Roby, the activity coordinator.

“Playing games with the residents is always fun,” says Roby, “and they like it. They (the residents) get interaction with the younger generation, and it keeps them young at heart.”

The students also handed out Christmas cards to the residents, before departing.

Lucette Maisonneuve takes her turn at ‘Roll a Trump’.


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